Spanish composers in exile

The map reflects the whereabouts of Spanish composers and musicologists in exile.

Click on the ‘View larger map’ icon on the upper-right hand corner of the map to access a larger version. Click on an image on the map to find out who an individual was. The index is organized alphabetically by surname. When an individual appears several times, such instances are organized chronologically.

Please note that the map only includes composers and musicologists who left Spain during or immediately after the Spanish Civil War and who did so for political reasons of one kind or another. A number of musicians who lived outside Spain during Franco’s dictatorship are thus not included here: those who left Spain later in the regime for reasons connected to professional development rather than purely political unstability (e.g. Carlos Suriñach, José Luis Delás, Narcís Bonet, Carlos Palacio), those who were living outside Spain before the Civil War (e.g. Pedro Sanjuán, Emiliana de Zubeldía), and those who left Spain shortly after the Civil War but not because of their ideas or their involvement with the Republican side during the Civil War (e.g. Manuel de Falla, Fred Elizalde).