There exist numerous recordings of the music of Spanish exiled composers, although some of them are better represented than others. Finding commercial recordings of the music of Roberto Gerhard, Julián Orbón, Oscar Esplá and Rodolfo Halffter is relatively uncomplicated these days. Julián Bautista, Salvador Bacarisse, Jesús Bal y Gay, Rosa García Ascot, Jaume Pahissa, Adolfo Salazar and Baltasar Samper (and, to a lesser extent, Simón Tapia Colman) have also had works recorded, with the last few years seeing a surge of interest in recording the music of the exiles. The label IBSClassical has done some pioneering work in this respect. Other composers are still to be recorded to a significant extent, including Leopoldo Cardona, Josep Valls, María Rodrigo and Enrique Casal Chapí, among others.

The Fundación Juan March has made available through Clamor a number of recordings of their concerts from the 1980s, many of which include music by exiles.