Connections between the exiles and Spain

‘Connections between the exiles and Spain’ shows the relationships that some of the exiles maintained with individuals and institutions within Spain, illustrating how they kept abreast of and in some cases took part in cultural life under Francoism.

Click on the ‘View larger map’ icon on the upper-right hand corner of the map to access a larger version. Click on an image on the map to find out who an individual was.

The index is organized as follows:

a) Composers, alphabetized by surname. Each name is followed by a list of relationships with other individuals. The colour code is as follwos:
-Green: research, academic. This concerns joint research projects, academic publications of the exiles in Spain, correspondence with Spanish academics and music critics, etc.
-Pink: performance. This concerns Spanish performers or institutions performing or programming works by the exiles.
-Orange: correspondence, friendship. Other personal relationships not leading immediately to a publication or performance.
-Grey: several. A mixture of two or more of the above.
b) List of individuals and institutions that remained in Spain. The former are alphabetized by surname, while the latter are alphabetized by the first letter of their name.